Heritage Tree Hunt Winners


1) BEST TREE OVERALL: Tulip tree, 35 Cross St, Dundas

2) HISTORICAL LANDMARK:  Bur Oak, Dundas Driving Park, Dundas

         HONOURABLE MENTION: Red Oak, 253 HWY 8, West Flamborough

3) TREE WITH A STORY:  Redbud, 6 Hillside, Dundas

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4) KID-FRIENDLY:  Willow, 20 Woodward Ave, Dundas

  Click Kid-Friendly tree story to read the story.

         HONOURABLE MENTION: Bur Oak, Dundas Driving Park, Dundas

5) RARE TREE:  Chinquapin Oak, Fisher's Mill Park, Kings St W, Dundas

HONOURABLE MENTION:  Kentucky Coffee, 27 South St, Dundas

HONOURABLE MENTION:  Cucumber, 30 South St. W, Dundas

6) FLOWERING TREE:  Kwanzan Cherry, 65 Victoria St, Dundas

HONOURABLE MENTION:  Magnolia, NE corner of Sydenham & Park St, Dundas

HONOURABLE MENTION: Magnolia 25 Sanders Blvd, Hamilton

7) FALL COLOUR:  Sugar Maple, 455 Old Brock Rd, Dundas   

8) GROUPS OF TREES: Cedar Trees Escarpment edge Borer's Falls, Tews Falls, Dundas Peak, Webster’s Falls, Dundas

        HONOURABLE MENTION: Black Locusts, 21 Bonham Dr, Jerseyville

9) DISTINCT FORM:  Japanese Maple, 1 Melville St, Dundas

HONOURABLE MENTION: Osage Orange, 47 Market St N, Dundas

HONOURABLE MENTION:  European Beech, 9 Victoria St, Dundas

10) LARGE TREE: White Oak, Old Martin's Rd, Dundas/Ancaster

11) NATIVE TREE:  White Ash trees, Grove Cemetary, York Rd, Dundas

HONOURABLE MENTION: Bitternut Hickory, Hamilton Region Conservation Authority, east of Sulphur Springs Rd, south of Spring Creek, north of rail trail, Dundas/Ancaster

HONOURABLE MENTION: White oak, 76 Inksetter Rd, Copetown

HONOURABLE MENTION: Black Cherry, RBG - Bull's Point Trail, west of George North Trail, Hamilton

HONOURABLE MENTION: White Pine RBG - Woods north shore of Cootes Paradise, Hamilton