About the Dundas Valley Tree Keepers

Who We Are

Our group grew out of the 2007 Dundas Trees Count conducted by Environment Hamilton. This project was assisted by interested volunteers from the community who engaged in collecting data on the inventoried trees. On completion of the Dundas Trees Count a number of these volunteers formed the DVTK’s original membership. Our general purpose has been to provide information and enhance awareness about trees in our community. Up to this fall the group has met monthly for informal discussion and to organize tree-themed walks and presentations. To find out more about what we've been up to go to Events.

We still welcome new members and ideas for reviving the group. We may be contacted by means of a form to be submitted on this website from the Contact page.

What We Have Done

We have worked with the Dundas community and the City of Hamilton to:
1) Raise awareness in the community about the care and appreciation of trees in the  Dundas Valley;
2) Maintain and update an inventory of trees in the Dundas Valley;
3) Identify, label, maintain and propagate heritage trees;
4) Participate in tree-planting initiatives.

As a group, we have taken woodland hikes to observe rare species and particularly old stands of trees and to enjoy walking in these natural habitats. 

In 2009, we organized a successful Heritage Tree Hunt. Go to Heritage Tree Hunt for details and results. The winner in the best overall category, the tulip tree at 35 Cross Street was nominated in 2010 for recognition as a Heritage Tree by Trees Ontario and is now one of a number of recognized trees throughout the province which are identified on this map provided on the Trees Ontario website. Click on the tree icon above Hamilton to open a pop-up window with a summary of the Dundas tree’s historical/ cultural significance. The DVTK recently submitted a second nomination for the Chinquapin Oak in Fisher's Mill Park, which was the winner in the rare category. Go to the new Ontario Heritage Tree Program page for photos of both trees.

We have also made nominations to Trees Ontario to have worthy specimens of Dundas trees recognized as trees of provincial heritage significance. To date two trees have been recognized. For more information, go to the Ontario Heritage Tree Program page.  

We have held a number of public information sessions and taken part in events aimed at raising awareness in the Dundas community about the care and appreciation of trees. For more information go to the Events page.